Next Board Meeting

Executive Board

Conference Call

May 14th

6:00 pm

Next Membership Meeting

Attempting Zoom Meeting May 28th at 6:00 pm

Check Back for details  

2020 Royal Lady of the Autumn Leaves

Penelope Carpenter 

Dear Honorary Members & 2020 Membership,

We are truly living in unusual times, to say the least.  Even though the monthly meetings have been cancelled we can take this opportunity to continue to work on the by- laws. The currently proposed by-laws are posted on the website.  Read and make a recommendation or correction by emailing ALFA at autumnleaffestival@outlook.com.

Shortly we will be voting on the updated by-laws.  There have been some suggestions to have the voting through "google vote" due to the virus.  If anyone has problems with this voting method you can email your vote to autumnleaffestival@outlook.com.


ALFA President

Tom Landis